About the company

Rameshwar Das Ram Niwas Group of Industries, a renowned name (Rukmani pashu aahar) in industrial field was founded 50 years earlier with an objective of producing qualitative Rice, joining it after a short span of time sub units of the same organisation producing quality flour and pulses branded as Deepak got underway, which have achieved great fame in the market.
The amount of food in animals depends on its productivity and state of reproduction. The animal should get 2/3 part of the total diet with thick fodder and 1/3 part by mixing the grain. Coarse fodder may give a mixture of pulses and non-pulses. Increasing the amount of pulp feed in the diet can reduce the quantity of grains. Although the amount of food of the animal is determined according to the requirement and function of its body and based on the nutrients found in the available food items Pashu aahar, but to save the cattle from the difficulty of the calculation work, the thumb rule Adoption is more convenient. 
rukmani pashu aahar



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